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 The benefits of breakfast are countless, especially for children; it keeps a healthy weight, maintains blood sugar levels, provides the energy that each day demands and many other advantages. 

However, this doesn’t mean that a bowl of cereal will be enough; there are some foods that are perfect to start a new day. For this reason, atGreat Harvest in Tulsa, we will tell you some of the things you should include in your breakfast.

Orange Juice? 

When we think of breakfast, a glass of juice may come to your mind. However, you will be removing the fiber from the fruit leaving just sugar. Try instead to eat whole fruits; berries are perfect during mornings, they are easy to easy and delicious -  stay away from those packed juices they have too much sugar that can lead to obesity and other health problems. 


Protein is used by your body to repair muscles and lose unwanted weight -  those are just a couple of the benefits of including protein in your diet, and eggs and meat are perfect for your breakfast.

Whole Grains

We already talked to you about the importance of whole grains, make sure to include at least a serving of grains during breakfast. Don’t forget to identify the products that clearly state they contain whole grain. 

We know that mornings are a hectic time, just make sure to take a few minutes to provide your family with the energy they need for a great day, and remember these great breakfast ideas. 

Keep in mind that at Great Harvest, we are always baking something delicious -  we use whole grain flour that it’s recommended in a healthy diet and that will give to your family what they need to have a great day. 

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