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 What is a party without attendees? Probably a boring and disastrous Friday night with tons of food leftover. Yes, guests are very important to any event, which is why a lot of hosts decide to give out party favors to them at the end of a social gathering. They’re a great way to show appreciation, give them a souvenir of the occasion, and thank them for making your event a success!

So, if you’re putting together a dinner party soon and would like to know a simple way to make some party favors for your guests, this post by Great Harvest in Tulsa is just what you need.

How to Make Party Favors for Your Event

The Main Course

Pick out the main item for your party favors! For example, it can be something sweet like a delicious slice of Pumpkin Swirl Bread (very fitting for the current season) or some Chocolate Chip Cookies (which are always good - no matter the time of year).

Decorate Accordingly! 

Now, it’s time to pack them up nicely! You can get a big enough cellophane bag to put the sweet treat in. Then, grab a couple of fun-colored ribbons and tie the bag up (if you want to keep with the fall theme, you can go for orange and purple hues).

Give Them an Extra Special Touch

Finally, it’s time to give your party favors an extra detail to make them even more special. You can personalize each bag with cute tags with the guests’ names on them, or write out a “thank you” note for each one to show how much you appreciate them. 

For the Best Sweets and Bread in Tulsa…

Now that you know how to put together some party favors for your guests, you’re only missing one thing: the sweet treat. But don’t worry; you can come down to Great Harvest to get it! We have a varied selection of whole grain bread and sweets that will leave you and your guests delighted. Call 1 918-878-7878 to learn what we have in store for you today!
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