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 There are many great things we can say about fall. To name just a few: great traditions, spectacular scenery and mild temperatures that invite us to retreat to our homes, and a great food to enjoy during this time is soup.

Among the many delicacies we can find during this season, soups are very popular, not only for their delicious flavour but also because they warm our bellies and heart. For this reason, at Great Harvest in Tulsa, we would like to tell you about some of the soups you can’t miss. 


The good old chicken soup is great to lift the spirit if you are feeling down or just for those hungry moments. Just remember that you can add a single twist to make it even more delicious, we suggest you try fresh avocado or chilli. 

French Onion

The origins of the soupe à l'oignon can be traced to Roman times, even though the French are responsible for the popularity of this soup. There are many ways to prepare it, however make sure to top it with grated cheese. 


From all the flavors we have talked about, this is perhaps the most essential, and a must during the Thanksgiving dinner. There are many variations for this soup, but don’t forget to add thyme and garlic to make it even more delicious. 

Remember to include any of these delicious soups during this season to bring that special touch to your table. Fall is also filled with great events, so don’t forget to read this post to create party favors

At Great Harvest, we have the perfect complement for your amazing soup, and we are always working to deliver you great treats. Remember that our bread and sweets are prepared with our freshly milled whole wheat flour, which makes each of our creations healthy and delicious. Think about us, next time you are looking for the best bread in Tulsa. 

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