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We here at Great Harvest in Tulsa are, unsurprisingly, passionate about bread! There are hundreds of ways you can use this most versatile of foods, but it’s tough to beat a really good sandwich. Today, we’d like to offer a few suggestions for astonishing sandwiches we think you should try.

Green grilled cheese

A grilled cheese doesn’t always sound like the healthiest sandwich option, but this one’s loaded with vitamin-packed vegetables to provide a nutrient hit (as well as the unbeatable taste of melted cheese). Slice up a quarter of an avocado and layer that on one slice of whole wheat bread, sprinkle over a handful of goat’s cheese and a little mozzarella, lay a handful of baby spinach on top, and season with salt and pepper. Spread the other side with two tablespoons of green pesto, put them together, and grill until toasted to perfection.

Terrific tuna melt

A plain tuna melt can be a drab prospect, so jazz yours up by adding capers, oregano, and lemon juice, or by including cherry tomatoes, baby spinach and provolone for a real Mediterranean twist.

Brilliant breakfast

Take the all-time classic breakfast combination of bacon, egg and cheese to new heights with a breakfast sandwich composed of prosciutto, arugula and poached egg, seasoned with sea salt and cracked black pepper.

Delightful deli sandwich

Enjoy a taste of New York by putting together the deli sandwich of your dreams. Take a couple of slices of sourdough rye bread, spread one slice with Dijon mustard, spread the other with wholegrain mustard and mayonnaise, lay some thin slices of pastrami on one slice, then top with a few slices of pickle. Slap them together and chow down.

The best thing about sandwiches is that you can include basically anything you like in there; there’s a sandwich for every occasion (if you count ice cream sandwiches, they even make a great dessert). If you don’t fancy a sandwich today, however, why not enjoy a hearty winter vegetable soup with a couple of slices of warm buttered bread?

The perfect sandwich requires the perfect loaf, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Great Harvest. We fresh mill our own whole grain flour every morning to bake the best bread in Tulsa and we also offer a range of delicious sweets and treats. Call +1 918-878-7878 to find out what we have in store today.
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