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Healthy Catering Options for Work Meetings in Tulsa

Work meetings can often become quite boring and feel like they drag on forever. To help everyone stay alert and energized throughout long meeting days, be sure to pick out the perfect snacks when planning the catering. Great Harvest in Tulsa has some great suggestions to help you keep your colleagues well fed and ready to go.

Protein Rich Snacks

By providing your colleagues with snacks rich in protein and low in saturated fats, you will ensure they are alert and energized. Mess-free snacks like low-fat cheese cubes and mixed nuts are great options for all attendees. If you're serving crackers or bread, nut butters and hummus are also great tasting protein rich options.

Whole-Grain Options

Serving whole-grain snacks is a great way to ensure your colleagues will successfully overcome fatigue and stay energized throughout the day. Great Harvest's Superfood Bread and High 5 Fiber breads are excellent whole-grain options that combine well with a variety of protein rich nut butters.

A Sweet Treat

If you're looking for something sweet to treat meeting attendees with, take a look at what's baking daily at Great Harvest in Tulsa. You will find delicious and healthy muffin options, such as our banana nut muffins and our cinnamon twist muffins. From lemon bars to cranberry almond scones, Great Harvest has got you covered when it comes to delicious and healthy treats.

For the Best Bread in Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you need help gathering the perfect snacks for your next work meetings, check out Great Harvest in Tulsa's selection of fresh bread and goodies. Our bakery in Tulsa is sure to have the perfect snacks to keep everyone energized and ready to go! Stop by Great Harvest in Tulsa or give us a call at (918) 878- 7878 to order ahead.
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