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Exciting New Peanut Butter & Jelly Recipes

We all love PB&J sandwiches. An easy lunch that combines sweet jelly with savory peanut butter for a complicated taste. Here are some PB&J ideas reserved for the courageous only.

Slap It On the Grill

This idea is not so adventurous, but it is oh so good. Grill the sandwich! Even just toasting the bread heats the PB&J to make a nice texture and delicious taste.

Go Savory

The beauty of a PB&J is that it combines savory peanut butter with sweet jelly, and you can push it to either extreme. For breakfast, put bacon, maple syrup, blueberry jam, and peanut butter between two slices of french toast. Get really crazy by putting an egg on top. My mouth waters just thinking about it. Give your PB&J a southeast Asian touch with coconut shrimp, sriracha, curry, basil, and orange marmalade. Experiment with recipes switching out peanut butter for almond, hazelnut, or walnut butter.

Sweet Ideas

Now for some ideas from the sweet side. Add cream cheese, bananas, and strawberry jam to your peanut butter. For a sweet breakfast favorite, combine peanut butter with granola, bananas, honey, and apple butter on cinnamon raisin bread. Try fresh pomegranates, or replace the jelly with Nutella and add bacon. Make a PB&J S'more by adding chocolate and melted marshmallow.

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