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Start Your Morning off Right with Breakfast

Eating a healthy and balanced breakfast should be an integral part of your morning routine. Having breakfast is like fueling up your body and making sure it's ready to take on the days tasks. However, some breakfast choices can cause your body to run out of gas faster than others. Great Harvest in Tulsa has some useful breakfast suggestions to help you take on your day successfully.

Mixed Berry Smoothies

Berries are a great option when it comes to breakfast food because they are extremely flavorful, packed with nutrients and aren't very high in sugar. Throw a combination of your favorite berries into the blender with some greek yogurt and your favorite leafy greens for a delicious and healthy breakfast smoothie. The berries can help with better brain function and improve digestion while the leafy greens are known to provide natural proteins and a healthy dose of fiber.

Choose Your Oats

Oatmeal is a great breakfast superfood that is budget friendly and will keep you full all morning. It doesn't matter what kind of oats you prefer as long as they're not the artificially flavored kind. Once you have prepared your oatmeal, choose your toppings wisely. Blueberries are one of the best superfoods around and go great with oatmeal. Throw in some peanut butter or some of your favorite nuts for a protein and fiber rich meal.

Greek Yogurt Bowls

Greek yogurt is great addition to any breakfast. It contains fewer carbohydrates and sugar than regular yogurt while also providing a lot more protein. Try to stick to the plain options in order to avoid the extra sugar in the flavored yogurts. Instead, flavor your plain greek yogurt with your favorite combination of berries and nuts. If you want more sweetness in your bowl, skip the sugar and instead opt for natural honey. Even if you only have time for toast in the morning, make sure you top it off with something delicious and nutritious.

The Best Bread in Tulsa

Here at Great Harvest, we handcraft our bread daily using ingredients that not only taste great, but also make you feel great. For the best bread in Tulsa, contact Great Harvest of Tulsa at (918) 878- 7878 and ask about all of our whole grain options.
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