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 With school starting back up, you not only need to worry about providing a nutritious breakfast for your child, but also a school lunch that will help him/her get through the day. So, if you want a bit of help in this department, keep reading! Great Harvest in Tulsa will share a few nutritious ideas to make sure your kid is well-fed at school.

School Lunch Ideas


A balanced sandwich can be the perfect option for a school snack (and they’re super easy to make, too). Tasty bread, lean meats and some veggies are all you need to make this lunch!

Protein Spread

A deliciously good whole grain toast with a protein-filled spread (for example, peanut butter with some bananas on top) can give your child the energy s/he needs to do well in school.

Nut Mixes

Almonds, walnuts, peanuts and other nuts/seeds are great sources for the super healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Plus, they’re portable and easy to munch on between classes.


Fruits/veggies are the perfect snack to get your child through the school day. Sliced up apples or cucumbers with lemon and salt, will provide important nutrients so your kid is healthy.

Something Sweet

Every once in a while, you can reward your child with a sweet treat in his/her lunchbox! For example a muffin, cookie or even brownies can get your child excited for lunchtime at school.

For the Best Bread in Tulsa…

If you want to make sure your child’s school lunch is extra tasty and nutritious, you need to get the best ingredients for it! Here at the Great Harvest, we offer a wide selection of whole grain bread and sweet treats that will make your child’s snacks that much better.
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